Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camp Tahuaya

This year for Scout Camp the Killeen Stake arranged for the boys to go to Camp Tahuaya near Belton Texas. Here is my buddy Eric heading back toward camp.

Jeanette and I went to have supper with Eric and Troop 413. It sounded like getting to camp was the most exciting part of the trip. Brother Gillory had his pickup quit working just as he left the meeting point in Robinson. He eventually abandoned his old pickup and bought another one. He headed home early.

The boys lined up outside in the quad for the flag ceremony before we ate.

Brother Jacobson ....

Lance Drake ....

The Romer family ....

and Bishop Hodson, among others, waited outside in the shade for the flag ceremony to get under way.

The staff had some lost and found items to give out.

But finally we were allowed inside the mess hall (after waiitng in line forever) to eat our anemic hamburgers. It was OK, but I would not drive across the street to get it.

The house was packed

Some went outside in order to have room to spread their wings.

We emptied out Eric's tent and headed home.


  1. Eric, did you get any more merit badges?

    Camping was a lot different when I was in scouts. There were no floors in our tents. As a matter of fact there were often no tents.

    I never was very fond of camping. To me today, camping is staying in a cheap motel.

  2. When was your camp? Was it after the reunion? I think that scouting is a great thing. I'm glad that you and Eric share that.

  3. It started the 23rd of June and ended that saturday.


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