Monday, May 5, 2008

Larry (installment 7)


My first school was the old grade school that was one block north of Main Street. The old school was a three-story building of red brick and concrete trim. That is where some of my fondest memories were built about the small town that was my first remembered home.

The building had a bell tower at the apex and a fire escape slide. The wide stairs that led up to the first floor in the front of the building are still visible in my minds eye. Out in the schoolyard is where the swings and other playground equipment were located. Each item made its own contribution.
The bell tower was a place of wonder for me. There seemed to be a calling for those that went to school there to toll the bell. There were bats in the belfry.

The slide on the side of the building served as a fire escape for the upper floors. It was always exciting to get to have a fire drill so we could go down the slide.

The swings at the side of the building were the major playground attraction during noon and recess. I don’t remember what other playground equipment was there. It was a big deal to us when the seats on the swings were replaced with the soft seats instead of the boards.

The front steps of the school were tall and wide. At the sides of the steps were on each side a place where you could walk out or sit.


The old church house that was across the street from the gas station was torn down when we first moved to the house on 3rd street. The building was a two-story building. The Junior Sunday School met downstairs and Senior Sunday School met upstairs. In times of high water the downstairs was fill with water.

The old church was replaced with a new church.


  1. Larry, thank you for sharing your memories. It's amazing to me that I grew up in the same family, in the same town. Your writing helps me remember things that I have long forgotten. Our perspective is so different. It's fun to the the world from a different point of view.

  2. That school building is the same one I went to the first four grades of my life and Where I worked at hot lunch after Arlo had his back surgery and was not able to work for some time. I worked there for about four years.
    The old church building is where I went to church until we moved to Romeo. The memories of those buildings are still a part of my life.

  3. Does the McGinis family still own the building?

  4. I thought it belonged to the King family.


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