Thursday, May 22, 2008

A death experience

Some people have talked about having near death experiences.

Did I ever tell you about the time that I was dead?

There were several occasions where someone called or contacted me to accuse me of something I had not done: a bill to be paid, or someone beat badly.

I went in to get my driver license renewed when I lived in Littleton. The office in Southwest Plaza Mall was open on Saturday and it worked to just go in to renew my license there. I waited in line for a short period of time. When my time came up I informed the lady at the counter I would like to have my license renewed. She took my license and typed at the computer terminal for a moment. She called to her supervisor. She and her supervisor whispered to each other. They went into the back room for a couple minutes. She returned and promptly to me she told me, "I can't help you today".

I asked her if there were something wrong, to which she replied, "You're deceased".

There was an error in the state database. Somebody named Larry Vance had died and the wrong record in the database was modified. Not long after that Brian said that he noticed a sign on the side of hiway 6 eastbound -- LARRY VANCE DIED HERE.

I sure feel good for being dead.


  1. Have you ever Googled yourself? I did and found that I was the an author and president of the University of Utah. Or at least someone with the same name as me was.

  2. I have googled for Larry Vance. I am famous. Not for who I am, but for who we are. I never knew there were so many Larry Vances in the world.


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