Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Green?

My sweetheart mentioned yesterday that I don't blog much. I mentioned that I don't have any memories worth blogging about. But today I have a somewhat silly thing to blog about.
About 40 years ago when I was about 12, my older sister gave me a Gillette Trac II razor for my birthday. I still use that razor. I think that makes me somewhat green. I haven't filled landfills with disposable razor handles, just the blades. Does that make me somewhat green? I think it does. I like to recycle our paper, metal, and plastic products. I even put empty toilet paper rolls in the recycle bin. I think every little thing counts and can make a difference. Now we need people to quit stealing so packaging of the products we all use can come in more environmentally friendly packages. Go green.


  1. What does stealing have to do with packaging being more friendly?

  2. I'll answer with an example. Debra and I were looking at perfume/cologne to buy. It was package in a cardboard container. Then a sealed hard plastic container. We couldn't even smell it. I believed the second container was to help prevent someone from stealing the smaller box container. So if people don't steal then that second container will be eliminated and the original box can be recycled. Thus for earth friendly packaging.

  3. I understand now. I say I agree with you 100%.

  4. The green crowd seem to be confused (not Jeanette) about what is really in interest of our environment. There is a big push to use fluorescent bulbs in lieu of incandescent bulbs because it is more friendly to the environment. I wonder if the mercury and the gases that are in the bulbs are cheaper to produce than the tungsten filament. I am sure the mercury is worse for the landfills. These hybrid cars that people are all gaga about have lead-acid batteries that both the lead and the acid take large amounts of energy to produce and then their impact on the environment is probably much worse than the co2 that is emitted by internal combustion engines. The emissions from the engines is still there, but supposedly in less quantity. Pay a dime to save a nickel.


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