Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beautiful, eternal

I have just had a whirlwind of a weekend. I traveled to Utah Sat. morning, leaving Waco at 8 a.m. and arriving in SLC at 1:30 p.m.
My purpose in going was to be in town for the temple sealing of my youngest sister Allison to her husband Abe and to have their three children Isaac, Jessie and Eden sealed to them. It was a beautiful experience.
I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and that I should be there. I am so glad I went. I am grateful to those who helped it happen by purchasing my airline tickets. I am grateful to a husband who understood that I should be there. I am very grateful to a daughter who said that a "temple sealing is forever and prom is one date". It made it easier to be gone.
All of my brothers and sisters were there. It has been years since we have all been in the same place at the same time. That is to be expected with nine families to coordinate schedules. I hope all of the pictures turn out well. Pictures help us keep the memories fresh. Who knows when we will be together again.
Julie picked me up from the airport. We went right back to her house. Darling Leslie was watching Baby Einstein with her dad. She was jumping, dancing, and smiling. Oh so precious. Every now and then she would turn around and look at me. She kept smiling so I was happy about that.
It is so fun to visit there. Leslie is adhorable (no brag just fact) and the Long home is peaceful and welcoming.
Julie was my willing taxi driver. She took me to Temple Square at 4ish and then met me at the Gateway Mall at 8ish where we did some shopping for a couple of hours until the stores closed. She then dropped me at the airport at 5:30 a.m. this morning.
My plane left SLC at 6:30, Houston at 11:45, arrived in Waco at 12:40 and I drove home by 1:15.
Now I haven't said much about the sealing experience. That really was the reason for this whirlwind, to be with my sister and her family as they became a family sealed for eternity.
The ceremony was beautiful and full of memories of my own sealing. It was easy to feel the love of the entire group and for Abe and Allison. As the final words were being spoken tears flowed on many faces, even those of my brotheres.
Abe had to remind the sealer about the children. The door opened and in came their three beautiful children. Isaac almost ran and went right to the center of the room. He looked like a little man full of joy and excitement. The girls had on new sweet white dresses with ribbons and layers, bows and rhinestones. Their hair was all fixed with curls and bows. They looked like little princesses.
Quickly they were settled into place appropiately holding hands as a family. The children were called by name and sealed to their parents for forever. The sealer sopke louder and faster as the children got a little wiggly.
And it was done. They are a sealed eternal family. As they looked in the opposing walls of mirrors they could see themselves continuely. What a sweet beautiful family.
Congratulations Abe and Allison, Isaac, Jessie and Eden.
Families are forever.


  1. I am so glad for you to get to go to the temple with all your siblings and your mother. It sounds like a great time for you and to see Leslie. I look forward to the day when I can see her.

  2. Jeanette will spend another couple weeks in Utah starting this weekend.


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