Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eric vs Debra

I think it is official. The kid has overcome the height disadvantage that he has endured for the past 13+ years. I proclaim that Eric is now taller than Debra. The grid of the windows on the door is a good reference to make the comparison.


  1. Monumental event, Eric. Keep growing until you surprass all of your brothers!!

  2. I noticed a few Sundays back that it had appeared that Eric has "shot" up rather quickly as of late. Lucky him. I never had one of those growth spurts.... I'm stuck at the size of an 11 year old. Enjoy it Eric. and if I see you in HEB and I need help getting something off the top shelf, just know I'm gonna ask you.

  3. He still has 7 more people in the family to pass in stature as he grows.


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