Thursday, March 27, 2008


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She must have been a beautiful baby. I was not there to appreciate her beauty. She grew up before I knew it. In fact she grew up before I knew her.

In the photograph below she is with her brother Lynden and her syster Diane. Jeanette's mother, Barbara is standing. Jeanette is there with MonkMonk.

What a fine looking young girl. Yes, I mean Jeanette standing on the third step.

It must have been Easter.

Jeanette went through the years and grew.

And then she was going out too.

And before you knew...

High School was through.

She thought that Allan was true.

...but he made her blue.
A few years later she met her love true.

And they made themselves one from two.

And then came the crew.

First there was one, then two....

And then she was a Senior for time two.

She tried a new hairdoo. I like it. Don't you?

Later she took a nap on the waterbed. (imagine that it rhymes with oooh)

Jeanette was a Scouter true.

She was tired after the trek. You would be too.

See the mischief in her eyes? What will she do?

Here is the female crew.

She was the scouter clear through.


Count them! 50! We continue.

Maybe someday her hair will be blue.

And it is still true. We love you Jeanette. We love YOU!


  1. What a lovely lady inside & out! :) We love her too!

  2. AWH!!!! I miss you! :D
    So lovely!


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