Friday, March 14, 2008


Brian is the third of our children. He has this in common with his mother. Here is Brian when he was still small.

Brian had a bit of energy stored up when he was a toddler.

Brian has mostly been a fun person. I like the expression on his face here when he was having his first birthday cake.

Brian was one of the crowd when he was little. He competed with his brothers and seemed to always want to do things better and faster than Arlo and Craig. Jeanette created these pajamas for my three sons.

One of my creations was this hat modeled by Brian. What a happy boy!

Yes, those are real books.

Another birthday. This is one of the few pictures I have where if Brian is in a birthday shot that there is only one person blowing on the candles.

This was one of his favorite shirts. This was at the Dunn reunion at the cabin up the Conejos Canyon.

And here he was on the beach in California when we went to visit Bonnie.

Look at the intensity Brian demonstrates in his face. This is something that has not changed.

This just goes to show you that Brian can be in many states at once. This is a photograph from the Four Corners monument.

In high school Brian participated in wrestling and cross-country. Brian had a very smooth stride when running.

In one of Brian's science classes he was assigned a task of making a reflector to cook a hotdog. He asked me for a little help. We created a spreadsheet that calculated the shape of a parabolic reflector with the focal point about at the center of the rim. He cut cardstock and aluminum foil to a specified shape that when taped together generated this parabolic reflector. We did eat cooked hotdogs cooked by the reflector. When he took the reflector to school and explained it to his teacher, she was amazed that Brian could have accomplished the task. He had to explain to her the math involved. She was amazed that Brian was actually capable of performing some calculations that she did not understand.

Brian had aspirations to be in a rock band. He plays the drums. He played the drums in high school band. He and some friends from high school practiced together. Sometimes the boys from the band would come over for a snack or just to hang out. One day one of the boys called for Brian. He was talking on the phone when asked what he was doing. His response was, "Chillin' with my ma".

High school came to an end for Brian, and so did his stay with us at home. He moved out so he could run his own life.

Brian, Craig, and Arlo, when they were all in high school attacked me one day when we were at Clement Park and tried to take me down. They at first could not do it. I finally tired and then gave up. Brian still had the dream of taking down his ol' man. See the big smile?

Here are Brian and Mariah. Brian stayed in Denver when we left to go to Hewitt, Texas. He and a group of his friends rented an apartment (or two, or three). One of the apartments was upstairs in Morrison, Colorado. There he met Mariah , who lived in the apartment below, and apparently was smitten with her. A few moves later and some time later, they moved in together in an apartment in Littleton. Here are Brian and Mariah together at the cabin.


  1. Oh how I enjoy these articles!! I have enjoyed watching Brian grow up. We took Brian and Mariah ba to Morrison after the Reunion at the cabin. We enjoyed visiting when them.

    I am working hard at getting photos available so that I can start doing some similar things with our family blog. Whatch that space, and you'll see...

  2. I have been watching the trends for visits on the BLOGs. There is a definite downward trend in visits. I really would like to have people contribute to all of them. Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness. I am glad that you enjoy these posts. That sentiment gives me the hope that this is worth doing.

    Maybe some day I will do something interesting.

  3. Brian was always sweet when he was little! I remember always wanting to hold him, and I'm sure he would get sick of that once in a while! lol

  4. I think that he probably liked the cute girls to hold him.

  5. Larry, You don't know how much I have enjoyed the blog and getting information about your family that I didn't know at all. Thank you for the pictures and the words. You have done a good thing. Mom

  6. Brian, you are special. The years haven't given us enough time to get to know each other very well. You have always been a pleasant person to me. I remember when you were in a small car accident and had cuts on your face. I learned to love you very much and still do. Your happiness is important to me.
    Grandma Gatha


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