Saturday, March 22, 2008


I know that this is one of Jeanette's disliked photographs, but the picture of Anita sitting on Jeanette's lap is needed to fill the sequence I want for this post. I know we look like a melancholy group of people. The photographer insulted us just before the picture was snapped.

Anita always was one to share. Anita was born in Greenville, Texas before we left to go to Colorado because I had new work with Martin Marietta. Jeanette and the children stayed with my brother Donnie in Alamosa for a while. Donnie's dog and Anita were sharing.

Anita was a happy girl. I have really enjoyed looking through the pictures and seeing her smile. She was proud of her cookie. She even colored the photo a little.

Anita has always tried to take care of herself.

I do like that red hair and those rosy cheeks. What a lovely girl.

I do like her enthusiasm for success.

Jeanette liked this picture of Anita getting down to clean under the furniture.

Anita liked this dress.

Anita and Debra were playmates. Here they are inside the playhouse we built in Littleton. The playhouse was a family project for summer vacation the year Eric was born. Julie asked if we could put power in the playhouse, so we did it later. It had a TV and a microwave.

Anita is our prize fisherman.

The expressions on Anita's face are always telling.

Anita does like dad does.

Go! Anita! Go! Ride that bike!

I don't remember the occasion, but that is one big set of shoes to fill.

Hippity hop.

Life is fun.

Eric likes Anita. Watch them talk to each other.

This was in Littleton.

And again.

Hold the torque wrench like this. Make the needle point to 35. Make sure you go straight. Good job! Anita helped on the Boat engine overhaul too.

This was before the 2000 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Anita was in color guard. She is in the front row on the left.

Her new hair style is starting to grow out. Anita cut her hair off just before we moved to Texas.

Dressed for Choir.

And at Prom.

This is an awesome smile. I just love those freckles.

What a beautiful setting for a beautiful redhead. The red flowers are a good touch.

Bluebonnets are OK, but bring back the red.

Aunt Anita with her little nephew Bradly.

We miss having Anita here.


  1. When I saw the first family pic I thought Jeanette was Debra. Why would the photographer insult such a good looking group? ;)

    P.S. If you want to see our blog email me at

  2. Anita, I had a time with you that was special to me. I'm glad that you and your friend came back and stayed for two nights with me. You are very special to me. I love you
    Gr I enjoyed the pictures of the progress of your live. You are cute and sweet. Grandma Gatha


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