Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teaching Seminary and Scripture Study

Scripture study has taken an interesting turn for me the past few years. After being completely overcome, to the point of crying while on the phone, at being recommended to teach early morning seminary I knew I needed to know more. So the study and praying began. My first year teaching (2005-2006 school year) was of the Book of Mormon (BofM). It was a fabulous year. The kids were amazing most of the time, and the spirit of the Book of Mormon made the year wonderful. As we were talking one day about giving a copy the BofM to our friends a student made a wonderful suggestion. He said that he would recommend that his friend begin reading the book in 3rd Nephi. Then 4th Nephi, Moroni and then start at the beginning of the book. He explained his reasoning. It was because reading about Jesus Christ first would be a great way to begin a book that is testifying of Christ. I told him that the next time I read the Book of Mormon I would do it just like he said. And so I did. I think it was my favorite time reading the book up to that point. Thanks Lucas!

This year in seminary we are studying the Old Testament (OT). I never knew it was so interesting! I am loving my studying. I have a couple of helps that teach me quite a bit. I have a teacher Resource Manual with ideas for teaching the concepts/principles in the scripture blocks, and I have the Institute manual that has commentary of specific scriptures. The interesting way of teaching seminary now is that as a teacher I am to study the scripture block first making notes about what I read. I am to look for principles of the gospel that are taught. If I can't pull a lesson together with that I can go to the resource manual for suggestions. All of the suggestions are not required to be to used. My job is to find what the kids in my class need to learn about from the particular scripture block. This is tricky because what I just love isn't always what they just love or are interested in. I am trying though.

One thing that seminary is not, is story time. The kids are expected to already know the stories from the scriptures. Seminary helps them see and understand the deeper meanings available to those that are in tune with the spirit.

Our family is currently reading the BofM together. We are in Alma. And this year in church we are studying the Bof M.

A few readings ago I decided to write on the inside front cover, of a new missionary edition copy, my purpose in reading the BofM and what I hope to accomplish by reading and studying and maybe what my markings will represent. So I have begun again. I have taken the BofM 97 day challenge. That is to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days in remembrance of President Hinckley. Two days of perfection so far. What I am finding as I read from the beginning is that different words are popping out at me. They are words that have come up in my study preparations for teaching seminary OT. That studying is now adding depth to my Book of Mormon study.

I am sure this isn't so amazing to you smart people out there but to me it is amazing. Maybe this is one reason why we are to study the scriptures all of our lives. So study away. Then live the teachings. That is my goal this time. To learn the teachings better so that they sink into my heart and change the bad things about me.

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  1. Jeanette, I am really learning to love the scriptures. Last year, I read the Old Testament from cover to cover. I got really bogged down in some of the begats, but I loved some of the stories like the story of Joseph and his willingness to forgive his abusive brothers, and Daniel and the Lion's den and it broke my heart when King David made choices that had such a profound effect on him and his family.

    I am really finding that on the mornings when I take time to read from the scriptures, I have more strength to do what I know is right. I can feel the promptings of the spirit, and I am eager to get back to the scriptures the next day to continue my reading.

    It's amazing to me that I can read the same book over and over and each time I find things that I didn't see before. The things I am finding are things that are meaningful to me today.

    Did you know that I taught seminary too once upon a dream?

  2. Jeanette puts in much effort to prepare for her lessons for seminary. she is interested in each of the students. She distresses over those that choose to do other than what the Lord would have them do.


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