Sunday, February 17, 2008

My broken front teeth

When I was of the age that I could ride a 20" bicycle I broke the two top front teeth. We were riding our bikes around the foundation of the new church building that was being constructed. The foundation was just wide enough to allow us to ride on the top of the foundation. When the construction was under way the foundation was raised a couple feet above the level of the ground.

To get onto the foundation we borrowed some plywood that was used in the forming of the concrete and propped it up on the edge of the foundation. We would then ride our bikes up the plywood and along the foundation top.

As luck would have it. All the other kids were doing great at going up the plywood ramp onto the upper surface. When it was my turn to ride up the ramp it slipped just enough to fall off the edge of the foundation and drop the two feet to the ground. The edge of the foundation top was at the same height as my mouth. I took a bite of that foundation and broke off the bottom of both my incisors.

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