Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Muce Episode 1 The Monguce

Ok. See.. there's this one muce, his name is Bruce, or is it Broose, or Bruse.(It's Broose, I think) Well, he actually doesn't know how to spell his name. He can't remember that far back. I'm the only person he has been able to talk to since his incarceration. He was put in near-solitary confinement. Every 68.14159126 years he was allowed one visitor. It just so happens that this was 15 years shorter than his always exact life span. So, every 68.14159126 years, he would call in his monks and they would reincarnate him. His foe, Eofoose, the Monguce, find out Broose's pattern and sent him to Earth to serve out his sentence, of which he was falsely accused. That's where he met me! Here are some pictures.

Here Broose enjoys his first Earth meal

Broose meets Justin

Woo! Wagon ride!

Helping me get a donation for my Eagle Project.

The only documented picture of Broose with me.


Using his laptop.

Solving the cube behind his back.


Broose is overcome by my sister's charminess.

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  1. Bruce has worn out his welcome at times in our house. He was elevated above others at times (as I would hide him in high places that Eric could not reach), but hew was brought back down to terra-firma.

  2. I like Bruce. He is a good, quiet companion. We bought him at Cabella's. Thanks for sharing Bruce Eric.

  3. Eric insists that you mispelled BROOSE.


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