Sunday, February 24, 2008

Looking back

Last Tuesday Larry, my honey, had a business trip to Greenville, TX. He asked if I wanted to go along. Six plus hours with my husband in one day? Yes! Is there any other answer if the kids are taken care of?

So off we went. Larry was sure he knew the way. Well we didn't get it quite right. Backed up traffic in Dallas and a few road mistakes we knew we would be cutting it close for him to be there on time. At 10:30 when we were not quite to the plant we knew he was going to be late. I asked if they would wait a few minutes to start until he got there. He assured me they would not. After arriving, he jumped from the vehicle with employee badge in hand, and I parked the car. It was about an hour before he emerged. He had missed the entire meeting. He was able to talk to one member of the committee. Three hours plus of driving and he missed the meeting. He seemed frustrated that he had come all this way and not been able to do what he expected to do.

So the trip wouldn't become a complete loss we began looking at the town trying to remember things from when we had lived there from June 1986 - June 1988. We began to look for our first rental house on Alpine Dr. No success. We didn't even recognized the areas of town. It was much easier to find our second rental home on Briscoe. It looked pretty good. It is still yellow.

We had built a play house out of bricks we had reclaimed from a tornado torn-down building in the backyard and we wondered if it was still standing. It never was easy to see from the front. We drove around the corner and looked. Was it still there? Inching down the street we still looked. Then backed up to look again. Yes, it is still there. That was a wonderful thing to see!! We had succeeded in making something of lasting value.

We searched town for some more familiar sights and a place to have lunch before we headed back home. Finding no sights we stopped at Grandy's. Looks like a former buffet diner turned into a fast food place.

As we waited for our food I posed the thought. "What would our lives be like if we had stayed here all of these years." Imagineing that is impossible for me. As we talked, I had the distinct feeling that my Heavenly Father was in charge of my life and that he had had a hand in everything that has happened to me. This feeling continued the entire way home. Tears and thoughts didn't stop. Larry said once I was looking pale and asked if I was okay. Since I am married and have children His managing my life is also managing theirs as well.

I am so grateful that He is in charge. I have had some wonderful experiences, difficult one too. And I have met some wonderful people. They have influenced my life for good. They are people I haven't forgotten nor plan to forget. Their influence will stay with me through out eternity. Thank you to each of you that have been my friend. Love ya.


  1. It seems like you got more out of that trip to Greenville than you expected. What a gift.

    Love ya, too.

  2. Jeanette, it is wonderful that He has a hand in our lives. It's wonderful too that our lives are intertwined. You and Larry and your children have been such a blessing to us. We love you.

  3. Jeanette, I was there with you when Anita was born. You have been a very important part of my live and I am glad that you are the wife of my son. I remember when you were married I said that you were an answer to my prayers. I still believe that. I love you dearly and appreciate all that you have done to teach your family and be a blessing to Larry.

  4. Now it is Jeanette's turn to pray for me every day and hope that I will eventually amount to something useful.

  5. I'm grateful that you were both in Denver for so long! I enjoyed the times that we spent together!

    Uncle Larry, I'm especially thankful that you were in COLORADO SPRINGS just before our family reunion! I ENJOYED YOUR FAMILY AND HOW VERY WELL PREPARED YOU ALWAYS ARE! I enjoy your company and stories and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS IN JUNE!


  6. There are some things that are just true.

    You have to wait for time to pass to get to an event that is scheduled in the future.

    It is not that you cannot wait, you must wait.

    You sometimes must wait for the good things.

  7. Larry, that is profound. Waiting does help with many things. I love all of you so much and know that the best is yet to come. Mom


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