Friday, February 22, 2008

A crazy week

This past week has been crazy. Sunday started out with a power outage about the time we were getting ready to go to church. I was in the middle of typing up a masterpiece on the computer when ---- bzzt....... no power. The lights were on again when we arrived home. I reconfigured the battery backup on the computer to not just turn off when the power does.

Monday was just busy. We had home evening where Eric conducted, Debra presented a lesson on being disciples, Jeanette read a scripture from Isaiah, and we played a game of candy (like spoons, but you eat a piece of candy instead of getting a spoon).

Tuesday is when things turned out less than wonderful. Jeanette went with me to Greenville, where I was going to go to a meeting for work. We left here at 7:30ish. We arrived in Greenville 10 minutes late for the meeting that I was going to attend. After a 3 hour drive there I spent a few minutes after the meeting talking with one of the guys from the meeting. We went and had lunch and turned around to go back home. 7 hours without accomplishing my objective.

Wednesday was another crazy day. Jeanette helped me do an engineering week presentation at Carver Academy. The objective is to get students interested in engineering. That night the 11 year old scouts met. My assistant wasn't there. We are supposed to have a court of honor next Wednesday. There will be 4 boys receiving several rank advancements.

Thursday I went to a training class for a new labor tracking system, gave a speech at Toastmasters, ran back to training, signed some drawings, went home and the internet connection was down. I called in the internet issue and was treated well this time.

Friday I worked a short day and came home early. I sorted and labeled pictures on the computer for hours. The cable guy came and fixed our internet connection by doing a little cleanup on the cables and installed a new cable modem. I can now read my e-mail and post one liners on the blog again. Tonight we went to our Larry^4 dinner group at the Eyre home. The dinner was delicious. Now I am sleepy and will retire to my wonderfully comfortable waterbed with my wife.

Good night.


  1. It sounds like yur days are as busy as mine. I thought when I go old, I would have time for the things that I didn't have time for when I was young. Wrong. I feel busier than i have ever been. Life is good. I love being busy but sometimes it does seem too busy. Love ya Mom

  2. So are you saying that you finally finsihed your waterbed?

  3. The waterbed has been in use for 27 years. It is just not finished.

  4. No, no, no, no, you do not understand. I have been busier this week than most weeks. I even worked today. I did not put in 80 hours this week like I had in the times that we lived in Littleton. I may not be as busy as I was when I was in college either, but I am still busy.

    It was interesting to see Greenville again. Jeanette and I drove past the house on Briscoe street and saw the brick playhouse that we built 20 years ago.


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