Thursday, February 7, 2008

So photogenic!

Everybody knows that the great Sasquatch really exists, but there have been no convincing pictures that it is real. We have a similar situation here in our house. We have a Debra, but it is so difficult to get a convincing photograph that others can believe.

But here goes our chronicle of how one day we were able to capture one clear image of Debra.

As you can see, the reflexes of the Debra are much faster than that of the camera shutter.

We try again.

Even her mother cannot entice her to elevate her cranium into a positon worthy of a snapshot.

No face to be captured in this image either. She is just to fast.

She even resorts to the ostrich manouver in order to evade having her image recorded by the shutterbox.

She learned to do this early.

But we are persistent. We venture at another time and use cunning to capture a partial glimpse of the beautiful face of Debra.

Now we have to resort to sequestering the quary in the cavity behind the kitchen table and enact a consipiracy that involved the family members that are at home. Hold a hand; push and pull, and presto: a mostly visible face.

I need to be more careful in pointing the business end of the camera.

Yet another day and another effort to capture the elusive image of a Debra.

And finally we achieved success. Is she not the most beautiful? Of course you have to put the whole series together to be able to see what she really looks like.


  1. Well, I can tell she has a beautiful eye, and long beautiful hair. Her arms look nice, too. And if you ignore the contortions, and the oatmeal(?), her face ain't so bad either. What's she so worried about?

  2. You remind me of my dad, Larry, and I want to be just like you when my kids are older and more stubborn.

  3. Debra, I've seen the beauty. You have no need to hide.

    What is it you have on your face? Looks like corn flakes and scrambled eggs.

  4. I have come across more photographs with Debra being camera shy. I thought that I would augment the post, but then I realized that it is already well established.


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