Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today we went outside for about an hours in the cold wind to traverse an orineteering course. I think it was even colder than it was when we went camping after Thanksgiving. I downloaded a map from Google maps and worked out the course in my kitchen.

It was cold enough to remind me of the wet night we spent at Camp Jim Brailey after Thanksgiving. We put up our rope bridge and had a chance to walk across it.

We also did a little Totin' Chip work.

Well back to orienteering. Each boy had the chance to use a compass and traverse the course by finding bearings. We worked out how many paces each person has in a 100 foot distance. We all measured out the course. They did quite well.

We walked a mile in the cold wind. It was nice to get back inside.


  1. It wasn't half as cold as the wet morning camping.

  2. Go boys, go. When I am lost or cold I hope one of you are around.

  3. Most of them will be able to get you back to the place you need to be.


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